29 October 2007

L'animaux Tryst Update, 10/31/07. NEW: ROUGH RIDE OF CRAFTS AND TASSEL

Available for pre-order, immediately, to ship mid-November:

l-t-(f)-r 011: Rough Ride of Crafts' Streamliner

in which RRoC's main man handpicks twelve of the best bedroom tones to have come from his 4-track in the past few years, presenting an accomplished whole assembled from the various, consistently impressive individual parts. stylistically floating between lo-fi folk strummers, mantra chants, and warm drones, streamliner's beautiful double-tracked poem vox hit a perfect balance between haunting closeness and warm invitation. blanketed in close-mic'ed analog warmth, these songs are like blowing the dust off your favorite songwriter's shoebox demo tape collection; singular, immediate, private and timeless.

011 - streamliner cdr - $10

5" cdr: orange-topped cdr, with hand-stamped title in black ink
packaging: handstamped cover image in black ink, on chipboard arigato pak.
insert: printed collage insert with track titles.
edition: limited, 50 copies.

l-t-(f)-r 012 Tassel's Tassel
in which the inevitable question is posed: shoegaze or stargaze? tassel, a one-man psychedelic fuzz-pop machine, drops seven acid-damaged tracks in just under sixteen minutes, and by the end we're all thinking "more, please." swirls of guitar fuzz, classic lo-fi production, and reverb-washed vocals. majestic rockers mixed with mellow, ambient mood pieces. cut-n-paste found sounds tucked in with mounds of echo; this is music equally befitting both the starship and yr first luv buzz trip down a lamplit highway.

01. untitled
02. interlude
03. star 80
04. good morning autumn
05. coney sand
06. way far out
07. silver car crash

running time: approx. 16 min.

012 - tassel cdr - $7

5"cdr: orange-topped cdr
packaging: hand-painted splatter-color covers, with hand-stenciled design by tassel's matthew o'rourke on unbleached heavy art paper. machine sewn into a pouch that holds cd and insert.
insert: liner notes printed on heavy white art paper
edition: limited, 40 copies

and if you wanted some info on the first three 7"s in the tryst haunt series (there's still time to subscribe) here ya go:

LTH 701: bad bus' "the field" b/w tempera's "2222222222"

marking the vinyl debut of a couple of so maine's favorite improvisational psych outfits, this split 33rpm 7" runs amok with some murky kraut-leaning grooves. bad bus' side builds from loose tom drumming and echoey vocal moans into a locked-in bassline stomper. tempera's track buzzes its way through lo-fi live loops, beats backing aetherial vocals, a complete electro mindgroove. hand-stamped black 7" vinyl record held in a hand-ripped, machine-stitched patchwork record sleeve. hand-numbered to 300.

LTH 702: cursillistas' "taste teeth" b/w "you float, no evens"

cursillistas contributes two exclusive tracks to the series in this 45 rpm 7". "taste teeth" crackles along with a melodic mini-choir of vocals and plucked strings, building to the outro with electric guitar noise, multiplying vocal loops, whistles, and toy xylophone. the b-side builds from a monastic chant, while percussion and whisps of guitar scatter form around. sparse and haunting. hand-stamped black 7" vinyl record held in a heavy cotton art paper sleeve, with offset-printed cover art and titles hand-written with India ink and stylus. hand-numbered to 300, embossed for authenticity.
LTH 703: lightning strike lightning's "the moon" b/w "no you won't"
"the moon" kicks off lsl's vinyl debut with some synth squelch/drum liftoff, until the trademark banjo and extremely-distorted guitar interplay begins the melodic tapestry, joined by four voices around one microphone. "no you won't" was one of the earliest lsl tracks, recorded in an era before murk and caves. a clean electric guitar, bass, and banjo create the foundation upon which a nonchalant female lead vocal spooks some warnings punctuated by fluttering flute leads. as freaky as these folks come. hand-stamped (from hand-carved linoleum stamp) black 7" vinyl record held in a chipboard sleeve, with a full-color photo pasted to the front and an in-house screenprinted front and back design. hand-stamped numbered to 300.

these 7" records are available together as the autumn 2007 mailing of the tryst haunt series, and not available individually (except from the artists themselves). to purchase the 701-703 bundle (for $24 US, $28 Worldwide, postage paid), or to subscribe to the series for the year ($75 US, $90 Worldwide, three records every three months,12 records in all), email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com. there are still subscriptions available, but act fast!

the first bunch of 7" orders are being shipped out today... if you pre-ordered way back in September thanks for your patience! as you can see each of the records required tons of work by hand, with art for each release created by and carried out by the band members themselves. truly from the heart and hands of these fokes to your ears.

the rough ride of crafts and tassel discs should be ready to ship in the next two or three weeks, and we appreciate your pre-orders. please order by emailing lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com before sending any funds. all prices include shipping to the US, and combined orders will save a few bucks on shipping. check, money order, and well-hidden cash also accepted, but email first.

thanks everyone.. be in touch.

05 October 2007

For your convenience... L'animaux Tryst is now offering instant purchasing through Paypal. Just click the "Buy Now" button and you'll be brought to the Paypal page with the item already in your cart! Couldn't be easier... *Note: This option will only be available for items in editions of 100 or greater. Very limited editions will still be available by emailing lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com first, to verify that the item has not sold out yet. So get your buy on, starting with the Tryst Haunt Series: Autumn 2007 mailing (three limited edition 7"s: bad bus / tempera (split), cursillistas, lightning strike lightning) USA (postage paid): $24
WORLD (post. paid): $28
Tryst Haunt Series, full-year subscription (twelve 7" records, delivered in batches of three each season)

USA (postage paid): $75

WORLD (post. paid): $90

Remember, the first three records will ship in mid-October. Look for a full update soon, with images of what these records look like (handmade and gorgeous) and audio clips from the tracks, along with new CD-Rs from Rough Ride of Crafts and Tassel, probably in the next week or so. Inventory update: All Bad Bus tapes are sold out. Only one copy left of Jazz Angel ($8) and Lightning strike Lightning special art edition 2x3"cdr ($16). A couple copies remain of the Barry Burst 3"cdr as well ($8). Email fast to get them before they disappear! If you miss out, check with Time-Lag and Tomentosa... they now have copies (hopefully not sold out already!)

14 September 2007

bad bus 006c1 double-cassette special art edition is now sold-out at label. time-lag and tomentosa will have a few soon. down to the last three-or-so copies of the lightning strike lightning 008b special art edition as well... email fast or they'll be gone! dig the foxy digitalis interview, and the write-up of the If a tree falls in the forest, can we record it? compilation cassette in the most recent issue of Arthur Magazine! go to the Bull Tongue column (page 51) to read it.

07 September 2007


Some huge things happening this month at L'animaux. The biggest announcement of the year first.

LTH 701 - 712: The Tryst Haunt Series.

In which the seasons change with a soundtrack, provided by some of L'animaux's associates, friends, and extended family. A year's subscription will find three new, limited edition 7" records at your doorstep (or mailbox) shortly after each solstice and equinox, in all, twelve records of exclusive tracks from eighteen bands or artists.

The lineup, presented thusly:

autumn 2007:
701- bad bus / tempera
702 - cursillistas
703 - lightning strike lightning

winter 2008:
704 - bird microphone
705 - white light / barry burst
706 - the red f / sarah ramey

spring 2008:
707 - big blood / visitations
708 - drona parva / prisma
709 - the north sea / corsican paintbrush

summer 2008:
710 - ghq
711 - vollmar
712 - elephant micah

These records will not
be available individually, and subscriptions are limited to 200. Though both seasonal (one mailing of three records) and year-long (four mailings of three records each) subscriptions are available, seasonal subscriptions cannot be pre-ordered and will only be available until year-long subscriptions are sold-out.

The prices for subscribing to the series are:

one season (three records) - $24

year-long (twelve records) - $75

one season - $28
year-long - $90

Prices are all postage paid.
For more information or to order, please email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com.

We'll begin taking pre-orders for the year-long subscription immediately, and the Autumn 2007 mailing (Bad Bus/Tempera, Cursillistas, and Lightning Strike Lightning) will be available for seasonal subscription orders on October 1st.

Also available now for pre-order on L'animaux:

l-t-(f)-r 006 - bad bus' 1 & 3 (caucus)
l-t-(f)-r 008b -
lightning strike lightning's turn myself into the ocean (2x3"cdr art edition)
l-t-(f)-r 009 - jazz angel's
silent death

006: bad bus' #1 & #3(caucus)

in which an all-star cast of maine crazies collaborate on wine-soaked, late-night improvisations. #1 is a haunted-house fantasy, with scrapes and reeds joining tin cans, spare metal parts, and decimated piano keys to create some abstract scariness. one long, 40-minute, unedited take, split on two sides of the cassette. ghosts and spirits just finding their voices, trying to spook the hell out of your basement folk band. conduits indeed. #3 (caucus) was recorded shortly after these spectres discovered a drum kit and no-wave music. tribal drums drive the session, with horn blasts, shards of guitar, voice-box shredding and group chants, glockenspiel, and the ever-present dulcimer creating what at times resembles a tom waits acid trip. stomp if you dare; just don't wake the woodcock. live in basement, no overdubs, ever.

running time: approx. 80 minutes.

cassette 1: bad bus #1
cassette 2: bad bus #3 (caucus)

006c1 - bad bus #1 & 3(caucus) double cassette (special art edition) - $10
two 40-minute cassettes: black cassettes, with hand-written titles in white ink.
packaging: discarded library book, pages carved-out by hand to form a case for the two cassettes (see below), with hand-written title in white paint on cover and binding.
edition: limited, 15 copies.

006c2 - bad bus #1 & 3(caucus) double cassette - $7
two 40-minute cassettes: black cassettes, with hand-written titles in white ink.
packaging: cardboard folded and glued to create a sliding-case for the cassettes, with sewn patchwork fabric inclusions, hand-drawn and hand-written liner notes on the outside.
edition: limited, 20 copies.

008: lightning strike lightning's turn myself into the ocean
(see earlier post for album information; this is the same music as the standard-edition cdr, just spread over two 3"cdrs)

008b - turn myself into the ocean 2x3"cdr (special art edition) - $16
two 3" cd-rs: white-top mini-cd-rs, title handwritten with white ink.
packaging: each cd-r is held in its own hand-cut brown cardstock pouch, machine-sewn up two sides, with mixed media (paper and dried flowers) collage on one side and a hand-cut linoleum stamp of the tracklist on the other side. these sleeves are held within a larger, hand-sewn leather pouch, with faded and pasted photo cover art attached to the front.
edition: limited, 25 copies.

009: jazz angel's silent death

in which noise abounds, melody and beauty are found incidentally, and visceral sounds reach for visceral ears. of the four words in the above heading, only the second and fourth are truly evoked from this disc, silence being the hardest to come by. with guitar tracks that are saturated in feedback 'n distortion and arhythmic spoken-word vocals over a bedrock of pulsing drones and beats, this album will put the fear in you like a good ital. horror flick. dense noise-rock orchestrations that are minimal yet overflowing. dirt and soul in a grimey oasis of fuzz.

(preview tracks from the album and a band-made video at their 'space page,

running time: 31:26

009 - silent death cdr - $8
cdr: blue-top cdr, rubber-stamped with original artwork by angela of jazz angel.

packaging: screen-printed fold-around covers on textured red paper. includes an booklet insert of art by the band members, printed via xerox transfer onto tracing paper and hand-sewn to the binding. additional insert with tracklisting. held in a plastic sleeve.
edition: limited, 40 copies.

These items should be ready to ship by September 24th. Only one copy per person for both the Bad Bus and Lightning Strike Lightning special art edition releases, please.

As always, a few copies of these titles will be available through Time-Lag and Tomentosa Records' distribution wings. Check there if we're sold out.

To order, please email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com.

And an inventory update: there are still a few copies of the Barry Burst Gora 3" cdrs ($7), as well as a couple of the If a tree falls in the forst, can we record it? compilation cdrs, a co-release with Avant-Garde Farm Records ($5).

25 June 2007

update: tempera and lightning strike lightning sold out! all copies of the tempera cassette are gone from the label, as are the lightning strike lightning cdrs. try tomentosa records or time-lag records, or contact the bands directly from their myspace pages, since they still have a few copies kicking around. so to recap, the only item still available is the 3"cdr version of barry burst's gora. till soon, matt

14 June 2007

update: barry burst's gora 5"cdr sold out! sorry to have to update so soon after the initial announcement, but the barry burst gora 5"cdr is already sold out. there are still copies of the 3"cdr version available, though. and we're down to the last 4 or 5 copies of both the tempera cassette and the lightning strike lightning cdr, so email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com FAST if you're interested in reserving a copy.

04 June 2007

now available: new releases from l'animaux tryst:

l-t-(f)-r 005: barry burst's gora
l-t-(f)-r 007: tempera's 4.7.06 / 4.16.06
l-t-(f)-r 008: lightning strike lightning's turn myself into the ocean

005: barry burst's gora

in which portland's psych-rock hero takes a pilgrimage to the metaphysical india of his mind and emerges with some of the most beautifully melodic sitar-and-flute-led acid folk tunes this side of satanic majesties. raga, jazz, folk, and psychedelic rock all inform these four glorious tracks, with plenty of heady instrumental drone jams to balance out the hooks. a document of a cold winter--despite tiger claws that tear bodies to reverent ribbons--with every countless instrument played and recorded by the man himself.

running time: approx. 21 min.

01. when the bird flies
02. ke bavajud janata
03. for alice
04. anja sajan anja

005 - gora cdr - $8
cdr: hand-titled white-top cdr
packaging: handmade indian straw paper, watercolored with xerox transfer on the front, hand-written tracklist and title on the back, hand-numbered 1-40.
insert: a one-of-a-kind polaroid photograph taken by barry burst, hand-numbered 1-40.
edition: limited, 40 copies.

005b - gora 3"cdr - $8
3"cdr: white-top cdr
packaging: handmade indian straw paper turned into a tri-fold envelope, watercolored with xerox transfer on the front, hand-written tracklist and title on the back, hand-numbered 1-35. held closed by a small piece of tan velcro and bound with a very thin piece of orange thread.
insert: a one-of-a-kind cropped polaroid photograph taken by barry burst, hand-numbered 1-35. disc is held in a hand-drawn vinyl pouch, adhered to the middle square.
edition: limited, 35 copies.

007: tempera's 4.7.06 / 4.13.06

in which pastoral acoustic instruments fraternize with primal drums and aetherial mantra-vocals to create some mind-blowing improvised sonic excursions. therein two extended organic jams see the band on a folkier wavelength than their more recent recordings and live shows suggest, sounding as one might expect them to operate amidst a power-outage. the first side consists of acoustic guitar strum, looped echo vocals and banshee yelps, bells, and subtle percussion, creating a sparse woodland wonderland. the bee side finds the band working in a more dense magnetic field, echoes of voices and guitars trapped in a chain of effects pedals, with incessant beats breaking through the ambience.

running time: approx. 44 min.

side a: 4.7.06
side b: 4.13.06

007c - 4.7.06 / 4.13.06 cassette - $6
45-min cassette: ruby red cassette, with title handwritten in white ink.
packaging: full-color photograph printed on cardstock, folded in the middle and stitched up the sides with two different colors of thread.
insert: black-and-white printed liner notes on white paper.
edition: limited, 40 copies.

008: lightning strike lightning's turn myself into the ocean

in which the ghosts in your attic, after leafing through your boxes of can and nnck albums, decide to pick up your broken instruments and make their own music. songs overflow with more sonic ingredients than the recorded medium can hold; guitar overdrive spilling all over banjo riffs, exponential layers of wordless vocals smothering the pristine marxophone, and rumbling percussion dousing the fattest basslines. all is permeated by a warm layer of cathedral reverb and cavern echo, pointing out the space in even the most dense and cluttered compositions. 11 tracks, 40 minutes, and over a year in the making.

running time: approx. 40 minutes

01. present joys
02. let us now praise
03. torches
04. haunt (hands)
05. two havens
06. wolf lamb lion
07. aroostook
08. (climb to me)
09. turn myself into the ocean
10. headlands backwoods
11. fortress

008 - turn myself into the ocean cdr - $10
cdr: white-top cdr with almost-invisible hand-written title in white ink.
packaging: textured brown cardstock, with full-color printed photograph and hand-written title in white ink on the front, hand-numbered 1-40 on the back, and hand-written tracklist on the inside.
edition: limited, 40 copies.

NOTE: the turn myself into the ocean extremely limited double-3" cdr package is delayed, but will hopefully be available sometime in july.

send an email to lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and location. no single orders of more than three copies per format per title, please. price includes shipping to US, email for price quote worldwide. you will be contacted with payment instructions when the product is ready to ship.

NOTE: as always, these titles will be available in a limited number through time-lag records as a distribution item.

11 May 2007

white light's for your leaves now sold out at source. please try time-lag records. thanks.

07 May 2007

paper mines sold out. try time-lag records. thanks.

30 March 2007

now available from l'animaux:

002 bird microphone & cursillistas' paper mines
004 white light's for your leaves

l-t-(f)-r 002: bird microphone and cursillistas' paper mines

in which two solo entities combine forces on a haunting of american roots music, finding threads and strings through americana, sacred harps, and murder ballads; weaving them in the loom of experimental psychedelia. in her debut release, bird microphone uses one half of the album to create an entrancing mix of concrete sound and cut n' paste manipulation, as improvised plucked dulcimer strings give way to feedback squeals and hypnotic voices, and bells and floorboards awaken the appalachian spirits to give their wooden hands a feather plectrum. for the bee, cursillistas presents a side-long prolonged abstract narrative of murder, death, spirit haunts, and crows in the garden. a fill-in-the-blanks andersen folktale told through echo-loops, fuzz guitar, ghost-vocals, and reverbed drums.

running time: approx. 28 min.

disc one / side a:
bird microphone
01. a river shell
2. hidden below
3. becomes stone and sand
4. absent
05. but always here
06. described like sound

07. like reminders
8. always spoken aloud
09. this voice calls to the north
10. and is heard

disc two / side b:
01. ocean rose chest
02. tree curse
03. blood waves
04. groan (drone)
05. crow in the garden

002b - paper mines 2x3"cdr - $12
two 3"cdr: hand-stamped white-top cdrs.
packaging: sewn canvas wallet, with full-color transfer art on the front, hand-colored, screen-printed, and hand-written gatefold art, and hand-stamped back. inside hand-numbered to 1-47.
edition: limited, 47 copies.

002c - paper mines cassette - $7
30-min. cassette: hand-drawn and hand-written white cassette, hand-numbered 1-30.
packaging: sewn canvas pouch, with full-color transfer art on the front and a hand-stamped back.
insert: liner notes printed on vellum.
edition: limited, 30 copies.

l-t-(f)-r 004: white light's for your leaves

in which the bedroom and the aether mix in a tuneful headtrip through folk psychedelia. originally released (and out-of-print) as a debut cdr when the band was called certain numbers, now almost completely re-worked with new sonic trances and our favorite tunes still intact. the album begins with four songs of sublime lo-fi folk, accented with subtle and unique instrumentation and electronic tones. then, for a moment, it takes a side-road that wormholes into the cosmos for an extended section of warm electronic instrumentals, with machines and controlled feedback fraternizing with thumb-piano, snippets of conversation, and other acoustic sounds. all is pulled back to earth with the final track, featuring a guitar strum, percussion, and melodic confessions to bring this wayfaring ship home.

running time: approx. 30 min.


01. i can't wait to see
02. i've been had
03. where
04. tightrope
05. pause
06. it's sunny and snowing
07. seldom
08. strawberry
rebecca's haircut

004 - for your leaves cdr - $8
5"cdr: hand-stamped white-top cdrs.
packaging: custom-made white stamp on grey-green cardstock paper, hand-numbered 1-50.
insert: hand-written liner notes on pulpy handmade paper.
edition: limited, 50 copies.

send an email to lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and location. no single orders of more than three copies per format per title, please. price includes shipping to US, email for price quote worldwide. you will be contacted with payment instructions when the product is ready to ship.

NOTE: as always, these titles will be available in a limited number through time-lag records as a distribution item.

23 March 2007

update: l-t-(f)-r 003c v/a: if a tree falls in the forest... now SOLD OUT. try time-lag records or tomentosa records distro if you're still interested, or avant-garde farm records for the cdr version.

12 February 2007

now available for pre-order: 003c v/a if a tree falls in the forest, can we record it?

13 feb 2007
l-t-(f)-r 003: v/a if a tree falls in the forest, can we record it?

in which eleven of maine's most compelling outsider artists of music create blips, cuts, shrieks, and sludge over two sides of a 45-minute cassette, and announce to the world a scene you never knew existed. the tree falls on everything from id m theft able's speak-n-spell-n-unhuman-voice symphony to drona parva's warm electric guitar improvisations and everything thereabouts and in between. we've got crank sturgeon's uniquely fucked dada, bird microphone's bell voice cuts and pastes, pine tree state mind control and rattle of polar bear teeth's combat noise drones, visitations' chants n' strums, aphelion shelter and cursillistas' building-everything echo-swells and loops, bad bus' haunted basement tapes and scrapes, and nancy scott's scratchy manipulated folk-band strums. a definitive document of maine's contemporary avant/experimental/noise scene.

running time: approx. 43 min.


side a:
01. Aphelion Shelter - NO MORE WAR
2. Bird Microphone - The Absentee
3. Id M Theft Able - I M Star
4. Crank Sturgeon - Still Hangin' in There (AGPUGJI)
05. Pine Tree State Mind Control - Hostages
06. Rattle of Polar Bear Teeth- Live on WBOR 092406
side b:
07. Cursillistas - Gently Down the Stream
8. drona parva - rabbit gate
09. Visitations - Untitled
10. Bad Bus - Lobster Cancer
11. Nancy Scott - The Sound Band

003c - if a tree falls in the forest, can we record it? cassette - $6
45-min. cassette: ruby-red tinted and hand-written, hand-numbered cassette.
packaging: clear plastic case covered on both sides with a one-of-a-kind collage by alyce ornella (bird microphone) and matt lajoie (cursillistas). vellum track-list insert pasted to the inside of the case. (see below for examples of some of the tape cover collages.)
edition: limited, 45 copies.

send an email to lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and location. a copy will be set aside for you. no single orders of more than three copies, please. price includes shipping to US, email for price quote worldwide. you will be contacted with payment instructions when the product is ready to ship.

NOTE: the cdr version of this album, which included album art by crank sturgeon and insert collage by alyce ornella, is available on avant garde farm records in an edition of 100.

//((examples of tape design:))>>//...

08 January 2007

l-t-(f)-r 001: cursillistas' les biches update - SOLD OUT ***the first l'animaux tryst release, cursillistas' les biches, is sold out at the label. it will be available as a distribution item through time-lag records and tomentosa records soon, and available as a 5"cdr on paha porvari records in late february*** l-t-(f)-r 001:cursillistas' les biches in which--that is to say, therein--cursillistas performs five songs of varying lengths and degrees, all vaguely within the realm of psychedelic lo-fi folk rumbles, but with more electricity than ever before. the a-side begins with an epic build, layers upon layers of electric guitars, vocals, distorted percussion, indian flute, horns and feedback drones, which drops out at its most intense to reveal the quiet echoing guitar strum and broken-microphone vocals of the gentle "dirt.palm.line". the bee side features rudimentary use of a nine-note toy xylophone throughout, beginning with an experiment relying solely on the xylophone itself to create its dense toy tone trance. the langley schools celebration sounds of "bag of feathers" follows, with amateur-choir vocal layers claiming pre-eminence over the trumpet call. the album closes with more layered vocals and a focus on xylophone and reverse guitar, gently leading the raft of sea tones to the coastline of does. running time: 23:35 tracks: 01. the snake and the motor 02. dirt.palm.line 03. toy tone yr. death 04. bag of feathers 05. aphra bones 001b - les biches 3"cdr 3"cdr: hand-painted white cd face and hand-stamped black lettering. packaging: hand-drawn ink and hand-painted front on brown bag paper. back is homemade white paper (with brown paper and plant materials mixed in), hand-painted, hand-stamped, and hand-drawn, numbered 1-40. the two sides are hand-sewn together with thread, closing with a simple thread-and-button mechanism. insert: hand-written liner notes, hand-numbered 1-40 on semi-transparent paper, with gold flower design. edition: limited, 40 copies. sold out 001c - les biches cassette 26-min. cassette: hand-painted and hand-stamped white cassette. packaging: clear plastic case covered with dirt and a white feather. insert: hand-written and hand-lettered a-z on semi-transparent paper, with gold flower design. edition: limited, 26 copies (a-z). sold out

prices include shipping to US address. please email lanimaux@gmail.com for ordering instructions. paypal, check, or money order accepted.