12 February 2007

now available for pre-order: 003c v/a if a tree falls in the forest, can we record it?

13 feb 2007
l-t-(f)-r 003: v/a if a tree falls in the forest, can we record it?

in which eleven of maine's most compelling outsider artists of music create blips, cuts, shrieks, and sludge over two sides of a 45-minute cassette, and announce to the world a scene you never knew existed. the tree falls on everything from id m theft able's speak-n-spell-n-unhuman-voice symphony to drona parva's warm electric guitar improvisations and everything thereabouts and in between. we've got crank sturgeon's uniquely fucked dada, bird microphone's bell voice cuts and pastes, pine tree state mind control and rattle of polar bear teeth's combat noise drones, visitations' chants n' strums, aphelion shelter and cursillistas' building-everything echo-swells and loops, bad bus' haunted basement tapes and scrapes, and nancy scott's scratchy manipulated folk-band strums. a definitive document of maine's contemporary avant/experimental/noise scene.

running time: approx. 43 min.


side a:
01. Aphelion Shelter - NO MORE WAR
2. Bird Microphone - The Absentee
3. Id M Theft Able - I M Star
4. Crank Sturgeon - Still Hangin' in There (AGPUGJI)
05. Pine Tree State Mind Control - Hostages
06. Rattle of Polar Bear Teeth- Live on WBOR 092406
side b:
07. Cursillistas - Gently Down the Stream
8. drona parva - rabbit gate
09. Visitations - Untitled
10. Bad Bus - Lobster Cancer
11. Nancy Scott - The Sound Band

003c - if a tree falls in the forest, can we record it? cassette - $6
45-min. cassette: ruby-red tinted and hand-written, hand-numbered cassette.
packaging: clear plastic case covered on both sides with a one-of-a-kind collage by alyce ornella (bird microphone) and matt lajoie (cursillistas). vellum track-list insert pasted to the inside of the case. (see below for examples of some of the tape cover collages.)
edition: limited, 45 copies.

send an email to lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and location. a copy will be set aside for you. no single orders of more than three copies, please. price includes shipping to US, email for price quote worldwide. you will be contacted with payment instructions when the product is ready to ship.

NOTE: the cdr version of this album, which included album art by crank sturgeon and insert collage by alyce ornella, is available on avant garde farm records in an edition of 100.

//((examples of tape design:))>>//...

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