05 October 2007

For your convenience... L'animaux Tryst is now offering instant purchasing through Paypal. Just click the "Buy Now" button and you'll be brought to the Paypal page with the item already in your cart! Couldn't be easier... *Note: This option will only be available for items in editions of 100 or greater. Very limited editions will still be available by emailing lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com first, to verify that the item has not sold out yet. So get your buy on, starting with the Tryst Haunt Series: Autumn 2007 mailing (three limited edition 7"s: bad bus / tempera (split), cursillistas, lightning strike lightning) USA (postage paid): $24
WORLD (post. paid): $28
Tryst Haunt Series, full-year subscription (twelve 7" records, delivered in batches of three each season)

USA (postage paid): $75

WORLD (post. paid): $90

Remember, the first three records will ship in mid-October. Look for a full update soon, with images of what these records look like (handmade and gorgeous) and audio clips from the tracks, along with new CD-Rs from Rough Ride of Crafts and Tassel, probably in the next week or so. Inventory update: All Bad Bus tapes are sold out. Only one copy left of Jazz Angel ($8) and Lightning strike Lightning special art edition 2x3"cdr ($16). A couple copies remain of the Barry Burst 3"cdr as well ($8). Email fast to get them before they disappear! If you miss out, check with Time-Lag and Tomentosa... they now have copies (hopefully not sold out already!)

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