29 October 2007

L'animaux Tryst Update, 10/31/07. NEW: ROUGH RIDE OF CRAFTS AND TASSEL

Available for pre-order, immediately, to ship mid-November:

l-t-(f)-r 011: Rough Ride of Crafts' Streamliner

in which RRoC's main man handpicks twelve of the best bedroom tones to have come from his 4-track in the past few years, presenting an accomplished whole assembled from the various, consistently impressive individual parts. stylistically floating between lo-fi folk strummers, mantra chants, and warm drones, streamliner's beautiful double-tracked poem vox hit a perfect balance between haunting closeness and warm invitation. blanketed in close-mic'ed analog warmth, these songs are like blowing the dust off your favorite songwriter's shoebox demo tape collection; singular, immediate, private and timeless.

011 - streamliner cdr - $10

5" cdr: orange-topped cdr, with hand-stamped title in black ink
packaging: handstamped cover image in black ink, on chipboard arigato pak.
insert: printed collage insert with track titles.
edition: limited, 50 copies.

l-t-(f)-r 012 Tassel's Tassel
in which the inevitable question is posed: shoegaze or stargaze? tassel, a one-man psychedelic fuzz-pop machine, drops seven acid-damaged tracks in just under sixteen minutes, and by the end we're all thinking "more, please." swirls of guitar fuzz, classic lo-fi production, and reverb-washed vocals. majestic rockers mixed with mellow, ambient mood pieces. cut-n-paste found sounds tucked in with mounds of echo; this is music equally befitting both the starship and yr first luv buzz trip down a lamplit highway.

01. untitled
02. interlude
03. star 80
04. good morning autumn
05. coney sand
06. way far out
07. silver car crash

running time: approx. 16 min.

012 - tassel cdr - $7

5"cdr: orange-topped cdr
packaging: hand-painted splatter-color covers, with hand-stenciled design by tassel's matthew o'rourke on unbleached heavy art paper. machine sewn into a pouch that holds cd and insert.
insert: liner notes printed on heavy white art paper
edition: limited, 40 copies

and if you wanted some info on the first three 7"s in the tryst haunt series (there's still time to subscribe) here ya go:

LTH 701: bad bus' "the field" b/w tempera's "2222222222"

marking the vinyl debut of a couple of so maine's favorite improvisational psych outfits, this split 33rpm 7" runs amok with some murky kraut-leaning grooves. bad bus' side builds from loose tom drumming and echoey vocal moans into a locked-in bassline stomper. tempera's track buzzes its way through lo-fi live loops, beats backing aetherial vocals, a complete electro mindgroove. hand-stamped black 7" vinyl record held in a hand-ripped, machine-stitched patchwork record sleeve. hand-numbered to 300.

LTH 702: cursillistas' "taste teeth" b/w "you float, no evens"

cursillistas contributes two exclusive tracks to the series in this 45 rpm 7". "taste teeth" crackles along with a melodic mini-choir of vocals and plucked strings, building to the outro with electric guitar noise, multiplying vocal loops, whistles, and toy xylophone. the b-side builds from a monastic chant, while percussion and whisps of guitar scatter form around. sparse and haunting. hand-stamped black 7" vinyl record held in a heavy cotton art paper sleeve, with offset-printed cover art and titles hand-written with India ink and stylus. hand-numbered to 300, embossed for authenticity.
LTH 703: lightning strike lightning's "the moon" b/w "no you won't"
"the moon" kicks off lsl's vinyl debut with some synth squelch/drum liftoff, until the trademark banjo and extremely-distorted guitar interplay begins the melodic tapestry, joined by four voices around one microphone. "no you won't" was one of the earliest lsl tracks, recorded in an era before murk and caves. a clean electric guitar, bass, and banjo create the foundation upon which a nonchalant female lead vocal spooks some warnings punctuated by fluttering flute leads. as freaky as these folks come. hand-stamped (from hand-carved linoleum stamp) black 7" vinyl record held in a chipboard sleeve, with a full-color photo pasted to the front and an in-house screenprinted front and back design. hand-stamped numbered to 300.

these 7" records are available together as the autumn 2007 mailing of the tryst haunt series, and not available individually (except from the artists themselves). to purchase the 701-703 bundle (for $24 US, $28 Worldwide, postage paid), or to subscribe to the series for the year ($75 US, $90 Worldwide, three records every three months,12 records in all), email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com. there are still subscriptions available, but act fast!

the first bunch of 7" orders are being shipped out today... if you pre-ordered way back in September thanks for your patience! as you can see each of the records required tons of work by hand, with art for each release created by and carried out by the band members themselves. truly from the heart and hands of these fokes to your ears.

the rough ride of crafts and tassel discs should be ready to ship in the next two or three weeks, and we appreciate your pre-orders. please order by emailing lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com before sending any funds. all prices include shipping to the US, and combined orders will save a few bucks on shipping. check, money order, and well-hidden cash also accepted, but email first.

thanks everyone.. be in touch.

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