07 September 2007


Some huge things happening this month at L'animaux. The biggest announcement of the year first.

LTH 701 - 712: The Tryst Haunt Series.

In which the seasons change with a soundtrack, provided by some of L'animaux's associates, friends, and extended family. A year's subscription will find three new, limited edition 7" records at your doorstep (or mailbox) shortly after each solstice and equinox, in all, twelve records of exclusive tracks from eighteen bands or artists.

The lineup, presented thusly:

autumn 2007:
701- bad bus / tempera
702 - cursillistas
703 - lightning strike lightning

winter 2008:
704 - bird microphone
705 - white light / barry burst
706 - the red f / sarah ramey

spring 2008:
707 - big blood / visitations
708 - drona parva / prisma
709 - the north sea / corsican paintbrush

summer 2008:
710 - ghq
711 - vollmar
712 - elephant micah

These records will not
be available individually, and subscriptions are limited to 200. Though both seasonal (one mailing of three records) and year-long (four mailings of three records each) subscriptions are available, seasonal subscriptions cannot be pre-ordered and will only be available until year-long subscriptions are sold-out.

The prices for subscribing to the series are:

one season (three records) - $24

year-long (twelve records) - $75

one season - $28
year-long - $90

Prices are all postage paid.
For more information or to order, please email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com.

We'll begin taking pre-orders for the year-long subscription immediately, and the Autumn 2007 mailing (Bad Bus/Tempera, Cursillistas, and Lightning Strike Lightning) will be available for seasonal subscription orders on October 1st.

Also available now for pre-order on L'animaux:

l-t-(f)-r 006 - bad bus' 1 & 3 (caucus)
l-t-(f)-r 008b -
lightning strike lightning's turn myself into the ocean (2x3"cdr art edition)
l-t-(f)-r 009 - jazz angel's
silent death

006: bad bus' #1 & #3(caucus)

in which an all-star cast of maine crazies collaborate on wine-soaked, late-night improvisations. #1 is a haunted-house fantasy, with scrapes and reeds joining tin cans, spare metal parts, and decimated piano keys to create some abstract scariness. one long, 40-minute, unedited take, split on two sides of the cassette. ghosts and spirits just finding their voices, trying to spook the hell out of your basement folk band. conduits indeed. #3 (caucus) was recorded shortly after these spectres discovered a drum kit and no-wave music. tribal drums drive the session, with horn blasts, shards of guitar, voice-box shredding and group chants, glockenspiel, and the ever-present dulcimer creating what at times resembles a tom waits acid trip. stomp if you dare; just don't wake the woodcock. live in basement, no overdubs, ever.

running time: approx. 80 minutes.

cassette 1: bad bus #1
cassette 2: bad bus #3 (caucus)

006c1 - bad bus #1 & 3(caucus) double cassette (special art edition) - $10
two 40-minute cassettes: black cassettes, with hand-written titles in white ink.
packaging: discarded library book, pages carved-out by hand to form a case for the two cassettes (see below), with hand-written title in white paint on cover and binding.
edition: limited, 15 copies.

006c2 - bad bus #1 & 3(caucus) double cassette - $7
two 40-minute cassettes: black cassettes, with hand-written titles in white ink.
packaging: cardboard folded and glued to create a sliding-case for the cassettes, with sewn patchwork fabric inclusions, hand-drawn and hand-written liner notes on the outside.
edition: limited, 20 copies.

008: lightning strike lightning's turn myself into the ocean
(see earlier post for album information; this is the same music as the standard-edition cdr, just spread over two 3"cdrs)

008b - turn myself into the ocean 2x3"cdr (special art edition) - $16
two 3" cd-rs: white-top mini-cd-rs, title handwritten with white ink.
packaging: each cd-r is held in its own hand-cut brown cardstock pouch, machine-sewn up two sides, with mixed media (paper and dried flowers) collage on one side and a hand-cut linoleum stamp of the tracklist on the other side. these sleeves are held within a larger, hand-sewn leather pouch, with faded and pasted photo cover art attached to the front.
edition: limited, 25 copies.

009: jazz angel's silent death

in which noise abounds, melody and beauty are found incidentally, and visceral sounds reach for visceral ears. of the four words in the above heading, only the second and fourth are truly evoked from this disc, silence being the hardest to come by. with guitar tracks that are saturated in feedback 'n distortion and arhythmic spoken-word vocals over a bedrock of pulsing drones and beats, this album will put the fear in you like a good ital. horror flick. dense noise-rock orchestrations that are minimal yet overflowing. dirt and soul in a grimey oasis of fuzz.

(preview tracks from the album and a band-made video at their 'space page,

running time: 31:26

009 - silent death cdr - $8
cdr: blue-top cdr, rubber-stamped with original artwork by angela of jazz angel.

packaging: screen-printed fold-around covers on textured red paper. includes an booklet insert of art by the band members, printed via xerox transfer onto tracing paper and hand-sewn to the binding. additional insert with tracklisting. held in a plastic sleeve.
edition: limited, 40 copies.

These items should be ready to ship by September 24th. Only one copy per person for both the Bad Bus and Lightning Strike Lightning special art edition releases, please.

As always, a few copies of these titles will be available through Time-Lag and Tomentosa Records' distribution wings. Check there if we're sold out.

To order, please email lanimaux (at) gmail (dot) com.

And an inventory update: there are still a few copies of the Barry Burst Gora 3" cdrs ($7), as well as a couple of the If a tree falls in the forst, can we record it? compilation cdrs, a co-release with Avant-Garde Farm Records ($5).

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