30 March 2007

now available from l'animaux:

002 bird microphone & cursillistas' paper mines
004 white light's for your leaves

l-t-(f)-r 002: bird microphone and cursillistas' paper mines

in which two solo entities combine forces on a haunting of american roots music, finding threads and strings through americana, sacred harps, and murder ballads; weaving them in the loom of experimental psychedelia. in her debut release, bird microphone uses one half of the album to create an entrancing mix of concrete sound and cut n' paste manipulation, as improvised plucked dulcimer strings give way to feedback squeals and hypnotic voices, and bells and floorboards awaken the appalachian spirits to give their wooden hands a feather plectrum. for the bee, cursillistas presents a side-long prolonged abstract narrative of murder, death, spirit haunts, and crows in the garden. a fill-in-the-blanks andersen folktale told through echo-loops, fuzz guitar, ghost-vocals, and reverbed drums.

running time: approx. 28 min.

disc one / side a:
bird microphone
01. a river shell
2. hidden below
3. becomes stone and sand
4. absent
05. but always here
06. described like sound

07. like reminders
8. always spoken aloud
09. this voice calls to the north
10. and is heard

disc two / side b:
01. ocean rose chest
02. tree curse
03. blood waves
04. groan (drone)
05. crow in the garden

002b - paper mines 2x3"cdr - $12
two 3"cdr: hand-stamped white-top cdrs.
packaging: sewn canvas wallet, with full-color transfer art on the front, hand-colored, screen-printed, and hand-written gatefold art, and hand-stamped back. inside hand-numbered to 1-47.
edition: limited, 47 copies.

002c - paper mines cassette - $7
30-min. cassette: hand-drawn and hand-written white cassette, hand-numbered 1-30.
packaging: sewn canvas pouch, with full-color transfer art on the front and a hand-stamped back.
insert: liner notes printed on vellum.
edition: limited, 30 copies.

l-t-(f)-r 004: white light's for your leaves

in which the bedroom and the aether mix in a tuneful headtrip through folk psychedelia. originally released (and out-of-print) as a debut cdr when the band was called certain numbers, now almost completely re-worked with new sonic trances and our favorite tunes still intact. the album begins with four songs of sublime lo-fi folk, accented with subtle and unique instrumentation and electronic tones. then, for a moment, it takes a side-road that wormholes into the cosmos for an extended section of warm electronic instrumentals, with machines and controlled feedback fraternizing with thumb-piano, snippets of conversation, and other acoustic sounds. all is pulled back to earth with the final track, featuring a guitar strum, percussion, and melodic confessions to bring this wayfaring ship home.

running time: approx. 30 min.


01. i can't wait to see
02. i've been had
03. where
04. tightrope
05. pause
06. it's sunny and snowing
07. seldom
08. strawberry
rebecca's haircut

004 - for your leaves cdr - $8
5"cdr: hand-stamped white-top cdrs.
packaging: custom-made white stamp on grey-green cardstock paper, hand-numbered 1-50.
insert: hand-written liner notes on pulpy handmade paper.
edition: limited, 50 copies.

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NOTE: as always, these titles will be available in a limited number through time-lag records as a distribution item.

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