06 December 2006

FIRST LT(F)R RELEASE pre-order now: december 12. 2006 l-t-(f)-r 001:cursillistas' les biches in which--that is to say, therein--cursillistas performs five songs of varying lengths and degrees, all vaguely within the realm of psychedelic lo-fi folk rumbles, but with more electricity than ever before. the a-side begins with an epic build, layers upon layers of electric guitars, vocals, distorted percussion, indian flute, horns and feedback drones, which drops out at its most intense to reveal the quiet echoing guitar strum and broken-microphone vocals of the gentle "dirt.palm.line". the bee side features rudimentary use of a nine-note toy xylophone throughout, beginning with an experiment relying solely on the xylophone itself to create its dense toy tone trance. the langley schools celebration sounds of "bag of feathers" follows, with amateur-choir vocal layers claiming pre-eminence over the trumpet call. the album closes with more layered vocals and a focus on xylophone and reverse guitar, gently leading the raft of sea tones to the coastline of does. running time: 23:35 tracks: 01. the snake and the motor listen 02. dirt.palm.line 03. toy tone yr. death 04. bag of feathers listen 05. aphra bones listen 001b - les biches 3"cdr - $9 3"cdr: hand-painted white cd face and hand-stamped black lettering. packaging: hand-drawn ink and hand-painted front on brown bag paper. back is homemade white paper (with brown paper and plant materials mixed in), hand-painted, hand-stamped, and hand-drawn, numbered 1-40. the two sides are hand-sewn together with thread, closing with a simple thread-and-button mechanism. insert: hand-written liner notes, hand-numbered 1-40 on semi-transparent paper, with gold flower design. edition: limited, 40 copies. 001c - les biches cassette - $6 26-min. cassette: hand-painted and hand-stamped white cassette. packaging: clear plastic case covered with dirt and a white feather. stenciled black paint title and hand-lettered a-z. insert: hand-written and hand-lettered a-z on semi-transparent paper, with gold flower design. edition: limited, 26 copies (a-z). TO PRE-ORDER: email lanimaux@gmail.com with your name and address and we'll set aside a copy for you. no single orders of more than three copies (per format) please. you'll be contacted soon thereafter with ordering instructions. NOTE: paha porvari records is releasing a 5"cdr version of les biches in early 2007! NOTE2: time-lag records will be carrying les biches as a distribution item! international orders are encouraged to go through time-lag's catalog. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO U.S. ADDRESS. EMAIL ANY QUESTIONS TO lanimaux@gmail.com.

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