05 October 2006

introducing: l'animaux tryst (field) recordings l'animaux tryst is an independent record label based out of portland, maine, dealing primarily in 3"cdrs and cassettes. the packaging of the releases focuses on handmade art, and the recordings themselves are of a lo-fi, home-recorded quality. in every aspect, the "things hands make" are preferred to the "things machines make," which results in a product straight from the artist to the listener with minimal outside mediation. because of the handmade nature of the releases, l'animaux tryst albums are released in extremely limited quantities. whenever possible, they are distributed in small numbers through some mail-order distribution catalogs, primarily time-lag records. to subscribe to the l'animaux tryst mailing list, to receive periodic email updates on upcoming and currently available releases, please send an email to lanimaux@gmail.com with your name and email address. any questions or comments about the label can be directed to the same address. send postal correspondence (demonstrations, propositions, etc.) to: matthew lajoie l'animaux tryst (field) recordings 131 chadwick st. apt.56 portland, me 04102

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