15 December 2006

shipping notice: no l'animaux tryst merchandise will be shipped until january 6, 2007, in order to avoid the holiday postal clusterrush. please feel free to contact lanimaux@gmail.com to reserve your copy of cursillistas' les biches in the meantime... l-t-(f)-r 001b = 3"cdr (limited edition of 40) l-t-(f)-r 001c = 26-min cassette (limited edition of 26) coming soon thereafter: l-t-(f)-r 002b & 002c: bird microphone and cursillistas' paper mines split 2x3"cdr & cassette sound experiments and song fragments woven through the american folk tradition. haunting, unsettling, and beautifully melancholy songs about wooden hands and crows in the garden. bird microphone and cursillistas each take a disc/side. 2x3"cdr in limited edition of 47, cassette in limited edition of 26. l-t-(f)-r 003c: if a tree falls in a forest, can we record it? cassette compilation of maine underground/avant/noise/folk musicians, including crank sturgeon, id m theft able, drona parva, visitations, cursillistas, nancy scott, bird microphone, bad bus, and more and more. 5"cdr available through avant garde farm records right now. cassette in limited edition of 26.

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