15 August 2012

Apologies to folks who've ordered Flowering over the past week or two... we're in the process of a huge move from Clifton Ranch to our new haven at Highland Ranch and label stock is currently in flux. All should be shipped by this weekend. 
As of right now we are currently sold out of Flowering; we may be getting a few more copies from the label in due time and will update again if and when we get em. Thanks to all who flocked to the Storefront to order! Proper L'animaux update in a month-or-so with a couple new LPs and tapes.

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Andrew said...

This might be a shot in the dark....I recently came across a Tempera - Tempera Vinyl Record, got intrigued, and found myself here. Love what I'm hearing and I guess my question is, can I send a demo of some tracks to you somehow?