23 July 2012

new in the shop: HERBCRAFT - "FLOWERING" cs

Hey all, we've got a very limited number of copies of the new full-length Herbcraft cassette Flowering, just released and out now on Julia Dream Recordings. Limited to 69 copies, we're down to just a handful ourselves! Comes with a free digital download of the whole album.

 FORMAT: CS [c43] + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD  //   EDITION: 69   //   RELEASED: 07.09.12  //  $9.00 + shipping

Very limited number of this first new Herbcraft release since last summer's Ashram To The Stars LP!
Full-length cassette includes a free digital download of the album.

"Flowering represents some of Herbcraft’s most expressive and exploratory work to date blending psychedelic pop melodies with some of the most trashed sounding sonic voyages exploring the arc from the US West Coast to the Tokyo underground. Minds were blown here at Julia Dream when we first heard Flowering and we are extremely excited that this is our inaugural release. Keep the crops flowering." - Julia Dream Recordings

"Mind-blowing tape from the Herbcraft cultus aka Matthew Lajoie of Cursillistas et al: Flowering was briefly non-available as an edition of only 12 copies cassette privately distributed amongst friends but the quality of the sonics so impressed noted Blues scholar and COM correspondent Andrew Ross that he started up his own deluxe tape imprint, Julia Dream Recordings, just to bring it to the world. Issued here in an edition of 69 copies with gorgeous pro-printed sleeves, Flowering represents the absolute apex of the Herbcraft saga thus far, devouring genres and regurgitating them as foggy out-of-focus paeans to oblivion via weeping single note blues delivered with alla the amplified overdrive of Rallizes or the Far Out. The whole deal starts off with a dosed/phased F/X vox and ashram vibes tone-float before tripping over into “Journey To The Center Of Your Hive”, a multi-dimensional transport that pushes the interstellar overdrive to the max. “Magic Carpet Ride Hallucination #4” kicks into a streamlined Krautrock groove before dissolving the whole thing via gate after gate of gloopy F/X while “Flowers Strewn” is a beautifully lucid take on six-string sorcery ala Ben Chasny’s most circuitous outings. But it’s “Psychic Spore Travellin’” that best takes your head off, a totally epic six-string amplifier-worshipping monolith that tears fuzz and confusion from wailing steel with all of the void gobbling force of your favourite Tokyo titan. Throw in a bunch of disconnected downs that sound like they’re beamed from Skip Spence’s weeping third eye and you have the most goddamn potent collection of trips und trauma this side of yesterday. Cassette issue of the year? No question. Comes with a free download. Very highly recommended. " - Volcanic Tongue

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