01 December 2011

[brainshadows 7", oracle offering cs]
Well, here we are folks... five years.

In early-December 2006 we announced the first-ever L'animaux Tryst release, and since then, we've had the privilege to bring to light some of the most far-out esoteric music being quietly recorded in and around Portland, Maine. We can't thank you enough for all the support throughout the years; suffice it to say we wouldn't still be here without the continued enthusiasm of you all, near and far.

Earlier this summer we quietly celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the release of Cursillistas' Thrush Chimes in the Field Haunt on Time-Lag Records; this was the CD-R that put the gears in motion for the L'animaux micro-label enterprise in the first place. The entire album is streaming online for free for the next few months, with the option to buy lossless audio download of the whole thing for $5.

In other news, we are working on finally revamping the entire dot-com website - the first update in over two years, during which the site had lapsed into total obsolescence. What you see over there now is an interim solution until we launch something all-new in 2012. It's a very necessary update; thank you all for your patience while the site got so bad we nearly abandoned it completely a few times.

We've been hustlin, tryin to get the Cursillistas Observe Ember Weeks limited edition LP ready before the end of the year, but it looks like it'll be delayed until January or February. All the records have arrived but we're waiting on the 4-layer silkscreened covers. Pre-orders will ship as soon as they're ready, and we've set the new tentative release date at January 31, 2012.

For now, we are excited to announce two new limited edition releases to close out the year:

FORMAT: 7" [45 RPM]   //   EDITION: 200   //   RELEASED: 12.01.11   //   $5.50 + shipping

BRAINSHADOWS is the new hard-pop duo of M.Lajoie & D.Aquarius, exploring a love of trash cinema, echo-chamber mono 45s, pulp sci-fi paperbacks, adults-only comix, Detroitrock, and Rockers. This debut 7” smothers space-echo pop with the psychedelic technicolor grit and grime of a Bakshi / Corman urban sewer. Wah'ed synths and fuzz guitars lift up heavy basslines and off-kit percussion, with nice & ruff soft-focus vocals appearing like phantoms, all produced in engulfing heavy MONO. A-side "Wild Cherry" brings home some tuff teenage motorcycle love-in vibrations; an intravenous alternate soundtrack to a Beyond the Valley of the Dolls party scene. On the flip, "Ripe" is genuine lovers rock dub-pop, with plenty of wah and hazed & hushed come-ons: an abstracted ode to the magick of early Keith Hudson and Horace Andy sides.” Recycled black vinyl 45rpm 7" held in a pro-printed full-color sleeve. Limited to 200.

FORMAT: CS [c40]   //   EDITION: 50   //   RELEASED: 12.01.11   //   SOLD OUT

Following last year’s soft-focus stunner Beyond Aquaria on the Cabin Floor Esoterica label, Oracle Offering serves up a full-length cassette steeped in the audio nexus of supernatural horror and Gnostic pagan ritual. An altar built in honor of tape-hiss, vedic synth meditation, and full-moon white witchcraft receives a visitation from a gnarly half-human gang with a taste for female flesh. Lurking behind the sympathetic string reverberation, airy synth atmospheres, and cool-breath choral incantation is the heavy hand here to crash the party: engines rattle, howls are emitted, the coven shrieks, a far-off church bell chimes. A fully-formed VHS [oc]cult classic with all the dialogue removed, this cassette is the last thing you want to meet at the end of a dark alley; a nightmare treasure in the basement of an abandoned cabin in the woods. Recorded, mixed, and dubbed in a 100% analog process from start to finish. Hand-labeled opaque lavender cassettes with full-color pro-printed double-sided j-card, held in a green-tinted case.  Limited to 50.


These new titles--as well as all currently-in-print L'animaux-and-related releases--are now available at the new L'animaux Storefront.

Anybody who pre-ordered the Brainshadows 7" and would like to add the Oracle Offering tape to their order, please contact lanimaux @ gmail.com as soon as possible to combine shipping. Any questions, just send an email and we'll get it sorted out.
As is our usual practice, all shipments will cease between December 11th and January 1st. Any orders placed during that time will ship immediately on January 2nd, 2012.

Many thanks, as always, to all of you far and wide! 2011 was a great comeback year for L'animaux, and we still have a handful of copies available for many of the releases (Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Planets Around the Sun, Altered Gee, Pete Fosco) so head on over to the new storefront and catch up on what you might've missed out on.

See ya in 2012...

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