03 February 2012

Groundhog's Fortune
[new Cursillistas LP]

Hey folks! A quick update this time to announce that the LONG-delayed, long-awaited final Cursillistas studio album is now available in a limited, one-time-only, vinyl-only pressing of 225 hand-numbered copies. Here's a little more about this LP:

Observe Ember Weeks is the final Cursillistas "studio" album, momentarily lost to time as Herbcraft took flight, now seeing a brief light-of-day. Written, recorded, and mixed concurrently with Wasp Stings (Digitalis), Joint Chiefs (Digitalis), and several small-run/tour-only releases between 2007-2009, O.E.W. touches on elements and styles of all these while also marking a return to a more song-based rural folk psychedelia. Nylon-string minor-key folk-pop commingles with naive noise experiments, breathless first-take improvisation, multi-tracked "full band" jams, wah'ed fuzz guitar abandon, electric slide glide, heavy tom-thumps & tambourine shakes, all presented with Cursillistas' trademark rich reverb treatment and multi-layered vocals. This is perhaps the peak Cursillistas experience in all its bedroom glory, the fitting final chapter to a project that never stayed still for too long, and the definitive collection of the tunes that made up much of Cursillistas' live set from 2007-2009. Deluxe 150-gram virgin black vinyl held in a 4-color, 5-layer silkscreened art paper jacket, with two-sided full-color pro-printed glossy heavy stock insert, hand-numbered to 225.

Many thanks to you heads who pre-ordered the vinyl... your copies are on their way as I type this. I want to note that the photos do not nearly do justice to the silkscreen work Emily Johnson (of Lightning strike Lightning) did on these jackets... in real life they are quite stunning and, as one customer put it, "more than subtly-psychedelic." Test drive the tunes at the Curs-Camp and head on over to the storefront to order!

Next update in Spring, with more new wax and tape... till then....

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