08 February 2010

L'animaux Tryst Presents: Field Recording #01:
Winter Solstice, December 20, 2009
HFS Annex, Biddeford, Maine, USA

"Wondrous Love", performed by Tempera, Tin Ceilings, Hersey State, and the congregation.
Planets Around The Sun's hands extend
in honor and acceptance
of the sun's shortest day.
Lit candles and rung bells
Evoke the prayers of every denomination
in compassion and love and communion.

This, the environment
in which Tempera
with thirty fingers on one piano
feet on depressed sustain,
evoke notes and overtones
refracting and melding into
opaque & transparent sound.

Commandment IV:
"Allow each vibration to complete its own cycle without interference"

Emily Dix-Thomas (Hersey State) bows
horsehair on metal strings
and something emerges
Older than all of us--
a hymn--
Randy Illian (Tin Ceilings) & Corinna Marshall (Tempera)
lead the congregation
in a praise
of "Wondrous Love"

This is Field Recording #01. 

Download "Wondrous Love"

In this field recording: Tempera
Tin Ceilings
Emily Dix-Thomas
Hersey State
Planets Around The Sun 

Further documentation of this event:
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The Monocle said...

love your label. i have the tempera album... if ever you're interested in releasing something by us, contact us! we have some new ambient tropical house sounding jams...