21 August 2009

L'animaux Update, 8.21.09: new Cursillistas; White Light & The American Drone Band Hey everyone, quick announcement that the Pre-Order period for Cursillistas' Les Biches and Tempera's Tempera LPs & CDs are officially over... all pre-orders have been or will ship as of this evening. For anyone who missed out on the pre-order, or if you were just saving your pennies till the records were ready to ship, now's the time! They're disappearing fast! LTFR 1201: Cursillistas' Les Biches (co-released with Time-Lag Records) 12" 180gram black vinyl LP, held in a letterpressed art paper jacket with silkscreened interior, photo-corner-mounted vellum insert sheet, includes a pro-pressed CD version of the album (with minimalist alternate packaging), and held closed with a hand-sewn button & clasp enclosure. Very limited edition of 300 - only a few copies left! $17 + shipping - click here to order and for more info. CD version alone: Exact-duplicated LP artwork, offset-printed onto art paper (same as LP), with a three-panel fold-over design with soft spine, pro-pressed CD and offset-printed vellum insert. $10 + shipping - click here to order. LTFR 1202: Tempera's Tempera 12" crystal clear vinyl LP, held in in-house silkscreened double-sided fold-out poster-style sleeve, includes pro-pressed CD version of the album (with bonus track!) that is packaged with exclusive art full-color printed on art paper sleeve. Strictly limited to 300 copies. $15 + shipping - click here to order and for more info. US customers, order both and for a limited time get FREE shipping via Media Mail. Canada and Worldwide, email first for a shipping quote on combined shipping. Now, a few special items... since these are so limited, please email first for availability before sending payment: LTFR 1203: Cursillistas & White Light's Travel Light Ultra-limited split-12" from our tour, featuring 20 minutes apiece of all-new and exclusive material from Cursillistas and White Light. Lightweight, black 12" vinyl LP held in art paper half-sleeve, with gold & maroon mandala cover art two-color silkscreened on the front side and a back-flap with liner notes offset-printed in maroon. Super limited to 150 copies; only a very few left. $14 + shipping. LTH 713: Cursillistas' Peace Pipers cassette (c-45) I know a couple months back I said these would be exclusive to the Tryst Haunt subscribers, but thanks to a print shop that gave us a bunch of extra sleeves, combined with the fact that some folks haven't taken advantage of the free tape swap option, there are a few extras kicking around that should be in your hands. Exclusive jams that add up to a prequel or addendum to the Joint Chiefs LP out on Digitalis later this year (see below for more info on that). 45 minutes of headspace dustbowl jams that are a perfect complement to your zoned-out summer heatwave evenings. Limited to 100 copies on transparent sapphire-blue tapes, wrapped in a full-color printed textured art paper sleeve, held together with a piece of golden yarn; few left. $6 + shipping. LTFR 020: White Light & The American Drone Band's 4.14.79 Dark, dank, blissed and pissed jams from a Portland all-star cast. Members of White Light, Tempera, Cursillistas, Visitations, Computer At Sea, Planets Around The Sun and many more congregating under the full moon for a good ole fashioned howlin'. Vocal moans, analog synth tones, dueling Crazy Horse-style guitar leads, and a crazy wasted drum circle. All in good fun, of course. Tracing a line from Amon Duul I to Sun Ra to the new weird hypnogogic, this is a celebration of "the now drone" ... this is an exploration of "the dub" ... this is the story of "the drum" ... Stay in the rhythm. Two extended improvised pieces, pro-recorded by Pete Nanortes and lovingly pieced together by your emcee, Ian Paige. 28 minute mini-album, on white-top CD-R, with pro-printed CD insert sleeve on textured art paper, limited to 100 unnumbered copies. $6 + shipping. And one more item to mention, which is, Cursillistas' Joint Chiefs LP is now up for pre-order from Digitalis Recordings. Limited to 200 copies total, with a great exclusive pre-order bonus (Headband Tapes bonus cassette, pin designed by Cursillistas, and an early mp3 download of the album way before the release) it would be wise to reserve your copy now. $19 US, $22 Canada, $30 Worldwide for the special edition, so get to it! You can also preview tracks from the album at that site and at Cursillistas' Myspace.

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