25 February 2009

Cursillistas' Maia Maiestas series is now SOLD OUT! Now cross-pollenate those buds, lil' bumblebees... Share share as you'd like. Get in touch if you'd like to make your tape available for all to hear on the L'animaux site. Coming up soon in '09: *L'animaux 12" vinyl debuts from CURSILLISTAS (co-released with Time-Lag) and TEMPERA. Look for pre-orders to start in March. Both exquisitely packaged and supremely limited to 300 copies. *PLANETS AROUND THE SUN, BAD BUS, and ST. MARY'S limited edition CD-Rs. *SACRED BASIL and CURSILLISTAS tapes. all sometime between March and June.

1 comment:

disconcerted said...

Really looking forward to hearing more of the Sacred Basil project, the tape on Cabin Floor is excellent.

All sounds great! I really need to get paid soon.