26 March 2008

Kelly Nesbitt, and Tassel CD-Rs are now sold out at the label, as are all copies of the Cursillistas Fleece Face cassette in the distro. Please try Time-Lag and Tomentosa for out-of-print LT(f)R discs and tapes. [note: even if items are not listed on the "distro" section of Time-Lag's site, they still may have some copies available. Just ask!] There are still a few copies left of the Robert Stillman's Horses CD-R/DVD-R set, $12 US or $14 worldwide. Email lanimaux(at)gmail(dot)com to order. Apologies for the delay in getting the Winter 2008 Tryst Haunt 7"s out to subscribers; as of today, all subscriptions placed before February have shipped out. Look for a late-April / early-May update to include the Spring 2008 Tryst Haunt 7"s from Big Blood/Visitations, Drona Parva/Prisma, and The North Sea/Corsican Paintbrush, as well as a new 3"cdr from Bad Bus and maybe more! It may bear repeating that subscriptions are still available for the Tryst Haunt Series... twelve 7" records delivered to your door with the change of each season. To order: Tryst Haunt Series (full year), in the US: $75 (shipping included)
Tryst Haunt Series (full year), Worldwide: $90 (shipping included)
Autumn 2007 Haunt: Bad Bus/Tempera, Cursillistas, Lightning Strike Lightning US: $24
World: $28

Winter 2008 Haunt: Bird Microphone, White Light/Barry Burst, The Red F/Sarah Ramey US: $24

World: $28
Each set of records comes bound together with matching edition numbers in handmade, offset, screenprinted, and/or letterpressed sleeves, embossed for authenticity, limited to 300 copies. Lots of stuff done by hand on these, and they've been getting rave reviews from The Wire, Diskant, Electric Voice Phenomenon, Foxy Digitalis, and Animal Psi, so it's about time to snatch up a subscription before they're gone. Email lanimaux@gmail.com with any questions!

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